You know it’s going to be a good day

When you wake up to pretty pictures of the Chanel Fall 2013 RTW Collection. Obviously it would be more exciting if I was actually in Paris, but I have French tutoring this afternoon so that is close enough, for now…

Tim Blanks review on was a ripper. He said it was ‘more Karl than Coco’ and I couldn’t agree more, do you see it? This paired with the 40ft globe in the centre of the catwalk showing the 310 Chanel stores emphasising that Chanel really is ‘it’ and Karl is King.


CHA_2327.450x675Why hello there, check those leather boots and the hat

CHA_2372.450x675Karl you are killin’ me…

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Go get that grunge on…

In fashion at the moment I feel like we are on the cusp of a mass ladylike trend. Everyone will soon be refined, classy and ohso elegant. Maybe that is just me hoping though? I feel this trend is being lead by the Prince of fashion Raf at Christian Dior. His ladylike collections are the perfect mix of fashion, class and excitement and everyone is ready to pounce and try it out.

However with great ‘ladies’ comes even better ‘rebels’…  Saint Laurent is leading the way with a fashionable, yet effortless grungey fall 2013 collection, bursting at the seams (sometimes literally) with coolness. View it all on the bible aka

This is a fashion face off to watch closely, perhaps even more so than the one about to happen in Bold and the Beautiful between Brooke and Taylor, which is a big call…


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Admitted to the Honour Board




Admitting only the coolest of the cool, since March 2013.

One model at the beginning of the month will have this great honour bestowed upon them.

1. Must be fearless, cool, interesting, with a great personal style

2. Have recently featured in stunning campaigns and editorials

3. Extra points if they have a grand Instagram allowing me to be entertained when bored

4. Have such great legs they motivate me to go to the gym and stop eating chocolate; perhaps the biggest test of them all


So it is with great honour that I announce the model of March is

Tilda Lindstam 


I met Tilda in September last year backstage at LFW. I was working for sass & bide and she was obviously walking the show. I was hiding in the corner shoving my face with a brownie as being show day had not eaten all day and about 3 days prior and she came over with a packet of chips and said ‘this can be the junk food corner.’ In my book any model who does that is instantly cool, fearless and interesting.

On the catwalk she shines but it is her personal style that is second to none, you know when Tommy Ton likes you,  you have something.

Welcome to the honour board Tilda.

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What I Wore One Fine Day in Paris


The outfit I adorned whilst frolicking in the streets of Paris on my Birthday Boxing Day. Sadly it is Saturday so I can’t do the whole #FlashBackFriday thing, finger crossed I will remember and do it next week.

Tip: Whilst travelling be brave and learn how to rock the head scarf, you may feel slightly piratey at first but it can work wonders when you have run out of the Moroccon Oil and your hair is not up to its usual lovely self.


Zara Dress and Jacket (shockingly unoriginal I know, but we don’t have it where I live so it is a mega novelty)

Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage Head Scarf

Vintage Earrings (I proceeded to lose one of them in the Italian Sea, sad moment until I realised I was at an Italian Beach and got over myself)

Alexander Wang Bag (Tip 2, repeat after me ‘I will never, ever travel without a Wang bag at the ready’ This one is little Brenda and she was a God Send, just the right size and ohsochic, we really formed a connection on a deeper level.

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The A Team Part 1 (Little Lagerfeld’s most notable homeboys and homegirls)

1. Tim Blanks

Only recently has Tim taken out this exclusive number one spot. His killer Fall 2013 RTW reviews meant that on Friday he replaced long time number one gal Anna Dello Russo commonly referred to as AdR (We are on nickname basis these days). Kudos to you Tim. You write like a God and sum up my thoughts on collections better then I ever will be able to myself.


(Front row at every show, no biggie for Tim)

2.  AdR

Please read above if you do not know as to whom I am refering. She puts the ‘it’ in ‘it’ girl, she puts the ‘glam’ into glamour… ahhh so many cliches, so little time. She can do no wrong in my eyes… And there ain’t no room for debate regarding this.

Anna-dello-Russo-2(Yoga evidently paying off for Aunty Anna)

3. Raf Simons

I will admit, and it pains me to say this but I was skeptical when Raf was appointed head designer at Christian Dior, but that was only because I was obsessed with what he was doing at Jil Sander. But what he is doing at Dior is taking my love to a whole new level.  The collections are top notch as are the red carpet moments. Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars, hello heaven, did an angel lose their gown?

Jil Sander Fall 2012 RTW

(Raf is scarily close to replacing A Wang as my fairy god father these days)

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Why hello there…

This is a compilation of wonderfully, fascinating things. From tales, to trends to try, to the models having a mega moment and everything in between that I think has any sort of relevance. Rest assured there will however be no baking photos as I am a failure of a future housewife…

Peace out children.


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