Admitted to the Honour Board




Admitting only the coolest of the cool, since March 2013.

One model at the beginning of the month will have this great honour bestowed upon them.

1. Must be fearless, cool, interesting, with a great personal style

2. Have recently featured in stunning campaigns and editorials

3. Extra points if they have a grand Instagram allowing me to be entertained when bored

4. Have such great legs they motivate me to go to the gym and stop eating chocolate; perhaps the biggest test of them all


So it is with great honour that I announce the model of March is

Tilda Lindstam 


I met Tilda in September last year backstage at LFW. I was working for sass & bide and she was obviously walking the show. I was hiding in the corner shoving my face with a brownie as being show day had not eaten all day and about 3 days prior and she came over with a packet of chips and said ‘this can be the junk food corner.’ In my book any model who does that is instantly cool, fearless and interesting.

On the catwalk she shines but it is her personal style that is second to none, you know when Tommy Ton likes you,  you have something.

Welcome to the honour board Tilda.

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One Response to Admitted to the Honour Board

  1. betina says:

    She sure is cool. I can see it in her smile.

    All the best,
    The Boyfriend Project

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