What I Wore One Fine Day

One Fine Day In Paris

The outfit I adorned whilst frolicking in the streets of Paris on my Birthday Boxing Day. Sadly it is Saturday so I can’t do the whole #FlashBackFriday thing, finger crossed I will remember and do it next week.

Tip: Whilst travelling be brave and learn how to rock the head scarf, you may feel slightly piratey at first but it can work wonders when you have run out of the Moroccon Oil and your hair is not up to its usual lovely self.


Zara Dress and Jacket (shockingly unoriginal I know, but we don’t have it where I live so it is a mega novelty)

Diane Von Furstenberg Vintage Head Scarf

Vintage Earrings (I proceeded to lose one of them in the Italian Sea, sad moment until I realised I was at an Italian Beach and got over myself)

Alexander Wang Bag (Tip 2, repeat after me ‘I will never, ever travel without a Wang bag at the ready’ This one is little Brenda and she was a God Send, just the right size and ohsochic, we really formed a connection on a deeper level.


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